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Save 35% on Jaqua's Body Butter Trio

Jaqua Body Butter Trio (SAVE 35% - REG $24) Body Butter Trio

Jaqua's Sinfully rich, delicious body butters are filled with Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Jojoba oil, and fruit extracts to soothe, smooth and hydrate your skin. Dip in! Kit Contains: 2 Oz Buttercream Frosting Shea Body Butter, 2 Oz.Mint Chocolate Cocoa Body Butter , 2 Oz. Pink Champagne Shea Body Butter. Packaged in a giftable box with a rope handle.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pink Chi Flat Iron Review

Chi's Pink Flat Iron is something every girl should have in her closet. You wanna know why? Well, there are lots of reasons why one should own it.

Pink Chi Flat Iron by Farouk is really cute and it kinda gives me that girly feeling. The first thing that came out of my mouth when I saw it for the first time was " WOW!!!"

But I was curious to know how effective it was because if it's performance's not good, look could be of no use. I was amazed to see it's performance, I never thought it would be so easy to operate and it made my hair look as if I had just stepped out of a Salon. My hair is naturally straight but this Straightener made it Sleekier and Shinier. It was really gentle on hair and took me about ten minutes to get that Salon look that lasted a whole day. This is the Best Flat Iron I have ever used.

Features and Uses:

Ceramic Heat
  • Professional salon model
  • Moist ceramic heat with ceramic plates and coils
  • Ceramic produces negative ions (ionic) far infrared heat and will maintain even temperature all the time, seal the hair cuticle, repel humidity and lock in hair color.
  • Doesn't damage or dry hair like traditional copper coils
Product Features:
  • On-Off switch located inside flat iron to prevent accidental shut off
  • Lightweight design
  • Fits in a standard curling iron station
  • Flash quick heating
  • Saves energy - CHI only uses 20-25 watts of electricity
  • Versatile "all in one" ergonomic design: create sleek, straight locks, flips or curls
  • 360 degree swivel cord to prevent tangling

If you are still struggling to find the Perfect, Easy to use, Effective and Gentle Flat Iron then Chi's Pink Flat Iron could be a blessing for you.

You can buy it from Misikko because a portion of it is donated to a Breast Cancer Fund, they are offering free shipping, one year Warranty, a huge discount on this item and a free Heat Proof Iron Mat/Pouch worth $20 with every purchase.

Price: $175.00
Sale Price: $119.95

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TheScentedLife takes a retro trip to 1978 and rediscovers Estee Lauder White Linen.

Raging Rouge now understands why Americans and Canadians get along so famously… They share their beauty secrets, like AG Hair Cosmetics!

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What do Angelina, Gwen and Jessica love wearing during their pregnancies? Check out Hot Mama Daily to find out!

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Win Sex and The City Bracelets Worth $274

Hey SATC Lovers, here you have a chance to win these Special Edition Bracelets from Nomination. Each Bracelet is worth $137

Contest Question:

How much are they selling their Stainless steel and cubic Zirconia Rings - FLOWERS style for?

Visit Nomination to find out. Please read the contest rules before entering.

Do you wanna win Heated Eyelash Curler worth $25 ? Visit my Beauty Blog to Participate.

Contest Rules:

1. To participate in this Contest you have to subscribe to this blog using a Feedblitz Subscription Method. You can find a Feedblitz Email Subscription on the Right Hand Side Bar of this Blog. Enter your email address and don't forget to activate the link which will be sent to you via email. You will not be eligible to participate until you activate your subscription. Existing subscribers can email me the answer right away.

Note: Please send me the email address that you have used to subscribe to this blog along with your answer. Send your answer to by 31st May 2008

2. This Contest is open to anyone above 18yrs, Worldwide.

3. The Prize is not redeemable in cash.

4. Friends, Families and Relatives of Let's Go Shopping and the Sponsor are not allowed to participate.

5. Neither Let's Go Shopping nor the Sponsor would be responsible for the damage occurred(its very rare but if it happens) during the shipping process.

6. Its a monthly contest so you can enter only once.

7. Winners will be selected on the basis of Lucky Draw on 1st June.

There will be 2 winners for these 2 Bracelets.

All The Best!

Short Description of the Sponsor:

Launched in May of 2006, Nomination's U.S. online store features Nomination's entire portfolio of stainless steel, 18k gold and gemstone jewelry--all made in Italy. Twelve Nomination collections are available for purchase online, including Nomination's new Spring/Summer collections Persia, Liberty and Flowers and Nomination's limited edition Batman and Superman collections, available just in time for this summer's 'superhero chic' fashion craze. Nomination enthusiasts can now shop online by collection, by category or by occasion as well as find special offers on Nomination jewelry that are only available online. Sign up for Nomination's weekly e-newsletter to get news of Nomination's latest and greatest delivered directly to your inbox!

You can view their entire collection at Nomination and buy it online. They have a beautiful collection of Jewelry, Watches, Accessories and the best part is they have gifts for every occasion.

I would like to thank Nomination for Sponsoring the Contest.

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Accessory Bug- A Perfect Destination For Stylish Yet Affordable Handbags

If you are looking for some really great Bargains on Handbags and Stylish Accessories, Accessory Bug could be a perfect destination. Accessory bug has lovely collection of Handbags and Accessories at affordable prices. They offer free shipping on orders over $80.

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Catch The Moment by 'Funtasticus'


Interesante portafolio gráfico de 'RodneySmith'


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26 Images Reasons why dogs bite people


Leon's Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets

World’s Best Kept Anti-Aging Secrets Revealed!!!

Kiss Wrinkles, Age-Spots and Crow’s Feet GOODBYE!!!

How you ask?

You are about to discover astonishing skin care secrets that will change your skin and your life an infinite number of ways!!!

“Leon’s Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets” is a comprehensive compilation of beauty care secrets that has the power to change your life. Inside you will find an incredible array of Natural, Healthy skin care recipes that are guaranteed to make you look and feel UP TO 15 YEARS YOUNGER!

How can one simple book make such an impact on your life you ask? Leon herself has dedicated the past decade of her life researching, analyzing and experimenting with different beauty care solutions and recipes. Through this dedicated research, she has compiled a complete list of the most effective and life-altering beauty secrets you will find anywhere, guaranteed! And now, she is willing to share these exclusive secrets with YOU!

Inside this once in a lifetime E-Book you will find natural anti-aging recipes of all kinds, ranging from “Ayurvedic” Anti-aging Skin Care Recipes to the recipes that include recently discovered ingredients.

Not only does this incredible book describe these amazing recipes but it will also walk you step by step through the process of creating these products yourself. Once you read through these recipes, you will possess all the knowledge you need to begin making skin care products for yourself from scratch.


No more wasted money on expensive and outdated skin care products. These products are not made with you in mind! They are simply made to turn a profit. If any product on the market truly provided anti-aging results, there would be no continued profit for companies to make! One stop cures are not beneficial for companies and that is why they don’t want you to know the secrets inside THIS book!!!

There is no need to run out and buy expensive or exotic ingredients. Most of the ingredients are already there in your kitchen and some ingredients could be easily bought online.

Once you buy this book, you will wonder why you have wasted so much time and money on other overpriced and irrelevant skin care products. The recipes for flawless and glowing skin are at the tip of your fingers.

Through the unrivaled advice and information provided in this once in a lifetime e-book, you will learn the secrets behind some powerful and amazing fruits, vegetables and herbs.

You will learn a number of secrets that you never even imagined being possible. From the Secret Fruit that can dramatically reduce your wrinkles in less than 2 weeks to the Secret Herb that is determined to replace Botox altogether, the anti-aging tricks your skin craves are just one little mouse click away.

These herbs, fruits and vegetables are even being used in some of the major products that are readily available in stores. But now you can unlock their secrets for a small fraction of the price, and never have to walk into a beauty salon EVER AGAIN!

The popular Anti-Wrinkle eye cream and facial serums in stores today are jam packed with expensive and overpriced “fillers.” The information unleashed inside this incredible book will allow you to take advantage of the natural powers of natural ingredients without all the useless added ingredients.

As if all this is not enough, you will find out exactly what to feed your skin to not only give you flawless, wrinkle-free skin but also promote dramatic yet healthy weight loss!


The benefits of these secret recipes are seemingly endless and there is no better time than now to implement these positive changes into your life. If you are fed up with overpriced beauty care products that can’t fulfill their endless promises, you have come to the right place!

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I know what you are thinking. How can one book guarantee all of these amazing benefits? Well, if you are still skeptical then just read on and continue to learn how to make this incredible change in your life.

This powerful E-book begins by describing and explaining some deep and powerful Anti-Aging Mantras that will make you look and feel better.

The key to beautiful skin is not only about secret ointments or lotions, but it also relies on a healthy, natural and consistent diet. This book reveals some Superfoods and Supplements that will make you look and feel better.

Brace yourself and get ready to discover Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets gathered from all around the world and traditional recipes that have worked for centuries on an all natural, healthy level.

Now is your chance to take advantage of the same beauty recipes that celebrities of all kinds are in love with. Through the use of this book you will learn how to create and apply your very own Ayurvedic Anti-Aging Recipes. These same beauty secrets are being used and promoted by such celebrities as Cindy Crawford, Madonna and even Donna Karan. Do not miss this incredible opportunity to get that same look you see on the faces of stars today.

In addition to the powerful and endless supply of beauty recipes, you will also receive a number of secrets and tools for everyday skin care. From Anti-aging Cleansers, Anti-aging Exfoliators, Anti-aging Facial Masks, Anti-aging Toners to Anti-aging Facial Serums, every recipe your skin desires is made readily available through the purchase of this incredibly advanced collection. Why continue to spend hundreds of dollars on a variety of products when you can create your own for a fraction of the price in the comfort of your very own HOME?!?!


Not only will this book provide you with a convenient, cost-efficient way to cleanse, soothe and provide your skin with anti-aging treatment, but your face will be ecstatic with the benefits of its new all natural, organic experience. So many products on the market are stuffed with unhealthy and unwanted chemicals that they often have more of a negative affect on your skin than a positive one. By producing and creating these all- natural recipes in your home, you will be saving money AND improving your skin in the healthiest way imaginable.

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Still not convinced? Still looking for a bigger and better offer? Well here it is. If you act now and purchase this revolutionary and life changing book, you will receive TWO BONUS Chapters that will change the way you think about skin care.

As a bonus you will receive Leon’s Basic Eyelash and Eyebrow Growth Serum Recipe. Over time your eyelashes can become weak and frail and even begin to fall out in severe cases. Now, there is a way to ensure healthy, full lashes that maximize the beauty of your most important asset, your eyes. Your first bonus chapter will amaze you and show you in exact detail how to achieve the perfect lashes and keep them that way for an extended period of time. By combining 8 easily obtainable ingredients you will have fuller, thicker, longer and sexier eyelashes than you ever imagined. Forget throwing your hard earned money at expensive eyelash products and stick to this chemical free and effective solution. Your eyelashes will thank you, guaranteed.

Also included is a collection of Facial Exercises and Yoga to Delay Wrinkles and Tone up your Facial Muscles that are powerful alternatives to Cosmetic Surgery and Botox Procedures. You will instantly learn how to improve the look of your skin without the hassle, cost and risks that come hand in hand with cosmetic surgery. Naturally and healthily improve your skin and facial features in a matter of weeks by applying these all new facial yoga tactics into your everyday beauty care routine!


"This book has lots of interesting recipes. It's definitely one of the best books I have come across. I have been trying some of the recipes and my skin feels great. I have also ordered some of the herbs to make your ayurvedic recipes, can’t wait to try them out."

Emaline Schmidt - Carmel, IN, USA

"I like reading Leon's Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets because it focuses on beauty inside out which is exactly what I believe in. You'll also find the e-book comes complete with natural skin care recipes which is great for those who are tired of conventional commercial skin care products that over promises and under delivers. Personally I am too lazy to test out DIY skin care recipes but there are some in Leon's Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets that I would like to try out for my eyes and my eye lashes. They look really promising!"

Sesame of Vivawoman , Singapore

"My daughter bought me your e-book the day it released, what a wonderful Mother’s day gift! I have been using some of your facial masks and serums for the past fifteen days and the result is unbelievable. My crow’s feet and wrinkles have definitely become less visible and my skin feels tighter and firmer."

Martha Justice-Albany, NY, USA

"I had bought 2 ebooks on anti-aging last year but I didn’t find them useful, their order pages probably were longer than their books. I was a little apprehensive about spending money on the 3rd one but I am glad I made a right decision. I never thought these stubborn age spots could fade in less than 2 weeks. Thank you so much!"

Caroline P.- Nashville, TN, USA

"Leon's Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets provides useful tips for women on anti-aging and skin care. This book reveals interesting ancient beauty secrets, talks about anti-aging diet, and provides easy-to-make natural recipes for home skin care."

Galina of Skin Care and Beauty Blog ,USA

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Lisa Hobbs- Hackensack, NJ, USA

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Rachel J- Lewiston, ID, USA

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Shruthi Jigajanni-Orange County, CA, USA

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Rich Collins of Outside Shooter ,WA, USA

Leon's Anti Aging Ebook is full of easy to find, natural, and cheap beauty treatments. Cheap in a way that we can easily find it in our kitchen. I love using what God has created to make myself beautiful. That's why when I got to read Leon's ebook, I just loved it. It's safer and you know it will really work. So if you want to look beautiful and delay the aging process without spending so much, get Leon's Anti Aging Ebook.

Aisha Holley- Eugene, OR USA, Editor of The Holley Herald


-Are you fed up with spending obscene amounts of money on products that are used up in days and completely ineffective?

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Order Today and Get This Bonus Report

9 Superfoods For Acne and Weight Loss

If you are sick of spending obscene amounts of money on diet plans or acne cleansers, then finally you have found the answer you are looking for. In this free report you will learn and discover 9 Superfoods that can simultaneously reduce Acne and boost your ability to Lose Weight.


With the purchase of this book now, you will receive a 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not delighted with the e-book, simply send us an email in the first 60 days for a full 100% refund.

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This e-book is in PDF Format, if you don't have a PDF Reader you can download one for free. Click on the Icon below to go to the download link

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You can sign up to receive your very own copy of this revolutionary E-book and have decades of recipes and secrets in the palm of your hands.

Now is your chance to say goodbye to Crow’s Feet, Saggy Skin and Wrinkles all by introducing these High Quality, Organic Ingredients and Herbs into your everyday life.

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This is the Revised Edition of Leon’s Anti-aging Beauty Secrets and if you have already bought her First Edition you can get this Absolutely Free.

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Weekly Splendid Reads


Style Tots has Suri Cruise's Ladybug shoes that Oprah liked so much.

Style It Less gives you 10 Cameron Diaz's red pumps for less

Let's Go Shopping finds some Great Deals at Ferro Cosmetics

My Wardrobe Today reviews various popular foundation and face products.

eye4style loves Balenciaga bags AND the trend of invite-only, online sample sales, so she offers up an exclusive invite to Rue La La for readers.

Teen Style Lounge shares a must-have workout DVD for a summer slim bod.


This mascara ended A Touch of Blusher's mascara search...

Raging Rouge announces the MAX Factor May Makeover Giveaway. Over $750 of MAX Factor products will be divided among TEN winners!

**Beauty Banter** dishes on the most important moisturizer for oily/ acne prone complexions... and it's less then 10 dollars!

get to know marina from makeup loves me a little bit better, as she shares all her beauty secrets with you!

15 Minute Beauty Fanatic gives you the products that Billy B uses on SATC's Kristen Davis!


She Knows Best thinks A Little Shoe Change Didn’t Hurt John Mayer

The Latest Luxe is having Double the Fun in Christian Louboutin Slingbacks

The Fashionable Kiffen has a whole bunch of Mother's Day gift ideas.

Wardrobe Oxygen suggests some ways to look polished at work during the summer heat.

STYLEnosh is asking, Are you a style hater?".

Why did Michelle Tractenberg, J. Lo, Lauren Bush and Fergie Have all give the cold shoulder at the Costume Institute Ball? Haute and Bothered's got the dish

Have you voted in the Snarkstress's Fashion Icon poll yet? Katie Holmes and Reese Witherspoon are neck and neck, but after , you just may be swayed.

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Advertise On This Blog

I am currently accepting two 125x125, one 120x600 Ad Blocks and Text Ads on this Blog.

Note: One Ad Spot has been Sold so there's only one
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If you have any query feel free to email me-

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Wella Color Nutrition Kit For Color Treated Hair

List Price: $52.50

Sale Price: $45.95

Coloring hair is such a wonderful experience but maintaining it takes a lot of care and pampering. Wella brings you a wonderful Kit that Protects Color Treated Hair with Pro Vitamin B5 & Apricot Oil. I love wella's products, in fact Wella Balsam was my first shampoo. It used to come in a big cylindrical plastic bottle, it's smell was divine and it would leave my hair soft, silky and shiny. For coloring, apart from my own Henna Blend the only commercial brand I trust is Wella.

WELLA Color Nutrition Kit Includes:

Wella Biotouch Nutri Care Color Nutrition Conditioning Spray

Wella Biotouch Nutri Care Color Nutrition Conditioner

Wella Biotouch Nutri Care Color Nutrition Intensive Mask

The specially developed complex of nutrients, plus Pro-Vitamin B5 and Apricot Oil, leaves hair looking naturally beautiful and healthy. The formula of rich ingredients helps protect the brilliance of color-treated and highlighted hair, while intensely conditioning.